May 27 2023, the 6th Haydom Marathon!

On Saturday the 27th of May we organize the Haydom Marathon again. This fundraising event has been very popular the previous years. The fundraising goal of this marathon is to contribute to our Poor Patient Fund.

For people who want to join the marathon, they can choose for the half marathon (21 km) or the quarter marathon (10 km). Or the FunRun (2 km)

Subscription fee is TZS 25,000 when booking before the 1st of May, after that date it will be TZS 30,000.

People from outside the country can subscribe with their creditcard, push this button:

As said, the goal is the Poor Patient Fund. This fund is to make it possible for the poorest of the poor people to still get their treatment in Haydom Lutheran Hospital. Nowadays there is a big demand for this fund. These poor people are especially now suffering from the sky high food prices. In this season of the year, the stocks with mais are getting less and less which is pushing the price up, and the prices did go up already because of the Russion/Ukraine war. You can imagine that if you have hardly money for your food than where do you get money for going to the hospital… so we hope for generous gifts for this fund.

If you want to donate press this button

For companies, who like to contribute also to this marathon, they can have their names of logo on the programs, on the banners etc. Please click on the button to read more about company contributions.

If you want to donate press this button

Let us make a big success of this Marathon – Run for the needy!

Haydom Lutheran Hospital, Golden Minutes